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Congratulations to Kyriakos Tsoukalas — our newest iPhD candidate

August 4, 2016

A slightly belated congratulations goes out to Kyriakos Tsoukalas, our newest iPhD HCD candidate. His proposal, Reasoning based on fuzzy cognitive maps of trustworthiness: Monitoring accumulation of knowledge via computational intelligence was accepted in late spring. 

His committee, Ico Bukvic, (Music), Kevin D. Carlson, (Management), Adrienne Holz Ivory (Communication), Scott McCrickard, (Computer Science), and Phyllis Leary Newbill (ICAT), represents the deep interdisciplinarity of Human-Centered design with three different colleges (plus an instittute) and five different disciplines.

He becomes our third iPhD student along with Navid Fallah and Najla Mourchek (VT’s first iPhD student). We have others currently developing proposals so this number should grow during 2016-17.